To free humanity from dependence on unpredictable and shrinking water resource.

To create the basis for a healthy human race

An opportunity to change the course of human civilization.

To change the lives of millions, all over the world.

Akash Ganga AME India Pvt Ltd is a Chennai based company which is among global pioneers in this technology. This company makes Atmospheric Moisture Extractors (AME) which convert atmospheric vapour into pure and tasty drinking water.

The principal feature of the water from Akash Ganga AME is the absence of harmful micro organisms in it. It is also free of dust and most of the dissolved solids found in even filtered water. At the same time it has trace elements which are necessary.

Other than domestic and commercial users, its customers include the Indian Council of Medical Research and the Indian Army.
At the moment, this company manufactures AMEs with a capability of producing 10 liters per day (lpd) to 1000 lpd. A proposal of this company for setting up a 100000 lpd system is under consideration by the Government of India.

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AS - 650 OD - 40 Liters

AS -2400 - M - 165 Liters

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